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  • 25 Reasons I Didn’t Go For a Run Today (Winter Edition)

    When we were kids we got my dad a “Fisherman’s Excuse Mug”, which cleverly outlined all the reasons the fishing was bad. Which was useful, because the fishing often was bad. This time of year it’s important to probably prepare a list of excuses reasons you might not make it outside for your daily run.…

  • 100 Reasons to Run 100

    Many making plans for 2024 races, here’s a little reminder of why you should chase your dreams and go big next year! This zine goes out to Greg Penner on his birthday, who in 2023 tackled his first 100 miler (and threw in 100km as well). Wishing you many future kudos. Also special mention to…

  • Seven things every Manitoban needs in winter

    These thanks to the Manke Product Lab (aka the dinner table). Number 8 was “cheek muffs”.

  • Seven Signs of Winter

    Winter has hit in Manitoba. Here some of the signs you or those you love might be suffering from winter.

  • Bugs Don’t Bite in Winter

    Snow in the forecast, but there’s lots to appreciate about winter… right?

  • Food You’d Only Eat While Running

    Runners stick some crazy stuff into their bodies in the name of moving quickly for a long period of time. If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll notice a theme. Lots of talk of things like perogies (Perogy Mile this Saturday!) and pickle juice. Here’s a collection of odd things runners eat on…

  • Origins of Perogy Mile

    You may have thought Perogy Mile was an idea we just cooked up four years ago. Turns out Perogy Mile has its origins in the ancient folklore of Steinbach. Today’s zine features a little history lesson. If you’d also like to help carry on the tradition, you can sign up here. Our “eat and run”…

  • Primary Colours of Fall

    Here’s a little Sandilands haiku to inspire your autumn adventures. As we arrived in the Sandilands last weekend, my wife remarked, “I forgot how red the grasses get.” It’s true. Every autumn we share our amazement of how even the ditches, however briefly, turn vibrant shades of red and orange. Another reminder to savour the…

  • Caminante

    When I once told a Latino friend of my desire to learn Spanish (probably in my own broken vocabulary), he told me I was wise, as Spanish was the language of heaven. I didn’t disagree. I first read Antonio Machado’s poem Caminante no hay camino in a book by Brené Brown, and it has since…

  • Dusk Ride

    Our family’s been spending a lot of time on bikes lately. Rides just after sunset are the best. Playing with textures and a “grand reveal” for this one. Did you feel it too The moment when the air On your skin turned cool