Make Your Own Race Plan for Suffer on Centennial

After getting a lot of feedback on last week’s Top Secret Race Plan I realized – there’s a small group of people who have signed up for a crazy adventure on May 25, Suffer on Centennial 100km. Each of us are thinking ahead to race day on a daily basis, either with excitement or dread, or some combination of those feelings. Each morning run, and every mile of our weekend long runs are pointing toward this goal.

Truly, we are in this together.

If you, like me, find yourself in this all-consuming situation, I’ve created a little tool to help you plan out your big day.

Introducing the DIY Race Plan Template.

You can download and print it here (PDF)

Print it off. Fill it in with all your hopes and dreams and schemes and puke spots. If done correctly, it might help remind you to pack an extra snack, or at least give you a much-needed chuckle on race day when you hit the “wish I’d signed up for the 50k” spot on your plan.

Note: This template can also be adapted for the 50km, I think you can figure it out. Actually, I know you can, because you’re smarter than me because you signed up for 50km less suffering than I!

If you feel so inclined, send me a photo of it on the socials, I’d love to see what you’re scheming. And we’ll see you at the start line soon!

Bonus heads up: There’s been a lot of interest in a printed poster. So we’re going to do it! I’m designing a unique poster to commemorate your epic day of Suffering, and will make it available as soon as it’s ready, details coming soon. Thanks for reading and being part of the adventure!