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  • 100 Reasons to Run 100

    Many making plans for 2024 races, here’s a little reminder of why you should chase your dreams and go big next year! This zine goes out to Greg Penner on his birthday, who in 2023 tackled his first 100 miler (and threw in 100km as well). Wishing you many future kudos. Also special mention to…

  • Thoughts from the Edge of a Pickle Juice Mug

    Thoughts from the Edge of a Pickle Juice Mug

    Here’s the story behind the Pickle Juice Mug, and reflections from my first sips from it. Learn about Type 2 Fun. Purchase a mug so you can have your own deep thoughts while sipping coffee (or tea, or pickle juice, up to you) from it.

  • The Pickle Juice Mug

    The best jokes need to be shared. Which is why I’d like to share the opportunity to share the joy of pickle juice… Introducing the Pickle Juice Mug! We’ve been having a lot of fun with running and the power of pickle juice this year (read Powered by Pickle Juice which started it off). One…

  • Food You’d Only Eat While Running

    Runners stick some crazy stuff into their bodies in the name of moving quickly for a long period of time. If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll notice a theme. Lots of talk of things like perogies (Perogy Mile this Saturday!) and pickle juice. Here’s a collection of odd things runners eat on…

  • The Chairs of Running

    The places we sit.

  • Suffer on Centennial

    Last weekend I had the privilege of running 50km across rugged Canadian Shield on the Centennial Trail with a bunch of other crazy and wonderful people! Over the past 48 hours, we’ve been working with the latest Big Data and AI-powered technology to crunch the numbers of this spectacular day, and compiled all our findings…

  • 25 Ways to Taper

    Big race coming up? Here are some tips for handling the days before your big day.

  • Grouse will scare you sockless

    What? Me? Scared of some little bird that just flew up out of nowhere making that heart-pounding sound? No way, hehe… But unrelated, did you pack extra TP?

  • Barkley vs Barkman

    This weekend saw the inaugural Barkman Marathons, a Barkley-inspired running event in Steinbach, Manitoba. How do these two events compare? In this zine we find out.

  • Powered by Pickle Juice

    We’re tackling all the myth, legend, the magic of pickle juice in the zineternet today! Here’s a story from the 2022 Grizzly Ultra in Canmore, AB. Note: Don’t believe everything you read in zines. The author of this zine is not a medical professional, but has read some iRunFar articles (this one and this one,…