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  • Sprinkler Running

    When I lived in the drought-prone Denver, CO, I would sometimes run at night. From the shadows of the sidewalk ahead, I’d hear a familiar pattering sound on the pavement. SPRINKLERS. Without seeing the spray, I’d try to judge by ear when it was safe to run past the sprinklers, often guessing wrong and getting…

  • RunHaiku for Ultramarathons

    If running is about the joy, freedom, and simplicity of movement, ultramarathons (technically anything over a marathon’s 42.2km distance) push running to the point of absurdity.  Why do they do it? Fortunately ultramarathon runners have many hours to consider this very question.  Here’s some poetry to motivate your next big adventure. 

  • Make Your Own Race Plan for Suffer on Centennial

    After getting a lot of feedback on last week’s Top Secret Race Plan I realized – there’s a small group of people who have signed up for a crazy adventure on May 25, Suffer on Centennial 100km. Each of us are thinking ahead to race day on a daily basis, either with excitement or dread,…

  • Paper Crafts for Spring Running

    It’s spring! Almost. Some days. With weather conditions changing by the hour, runners face the daily struggles of how to dress, where to run, and where to step to avoid puddles and ice patches. Here are a few paper crafts you can use to test your planning skills and prepare yourself for whatever you’ll find…

  • Winter Shoes for Manitoba Runners

    If you were both a sports fan and watched Saturday morning cartoons in what was apparently a very short slice of time in the rich year of 1991, you might remember having watched ProStars. No? The show, which according to Wikipedia aired for only 3 months but made a long-lasting impression on at least one…

  • Winter Run on the Rat River

    Every year, nestled among the wrinkles between bald winter fields, southern Manitoba’s meandering rivers emerge as a network of ice- and snow-covered trails. In what has become an annual tradition, Gord and I took to the Rat River early on a Sunday morning in February as the full moon set in the west and sunrise…

  • Runner Romance

    The pitter patter of footsteps and heartbeats meet with these running-inspired Valentine’s Day ideas.

  • Runner vs Puddle

    The puddle. Only one of many threats a runner faces while trying to keep their new kicks shiny and clean. Which method of attack do you prefer? PS: Honourable mention goes to the Beaudry Fall Classic class of 2019. You know who you are.

  • Paper Doll Runner

    Can you successfully balance this runner’s need for warmth and breathability in any conditions? Test your skill! Layers and layers of fun for the whole family!

  • Dear Garmin

    My Garmin watch has joined me on all but a handful of my adventures for the past 6 years, faithfully recording my pace and distance, and charting a map of where I’ve been (oh, and also telling me the time). Here are a few feature idea that would help paint a more accurate picture of…