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  • Origins of Perogy Mile

    You may have thought Perogy Mile was an idea we just cooked up four years ago. Turns out Perogy Mile has its origins in the ancient folklore of Steinbach. Today’s zine features a little history lesson. If you’d also like to help carry on the tradition, you can sign up here. Our “eat and run”…

  • Mennonite Marathon NL

    Following the tradition established in August 2020 to commemorate the arrival of the first Mennonites in Manitoba, in 2023 I took the opportunity while visiting my wife’s family in the Netherlands to run to the birthplace of Menno Simons himself. Fortunately my in-laws live only a half-marathon distance from Witmarsum, so the mission could be…

  • Trail Runner’s Guide to Berry Picking

    The best thing about summer trail running is picking berry snacks along the way. Here’s a look at the art of picking berries on the run, featuring Manitoba berries.

  • Suffer on Centennial

    Last weekend I had the privilege of running 50km across rugged Canadian Shield on the Centennial Trail with a bunch of other crazy and wonderful people! Over the past 48 hours, we’ve been working with the latest Big Data and AI-powered technology to crunch the numbers of this spectacular day, and compiled all our findings…

  • 25 Ways to Taper

    Big race coming up? Here are some tips for handling the days before your big day.

  • Tribute to a Treadmill

    This zine is dedicated to every treadmill who feels misused or forgotten in a clammy basement today. You’re lonely, but you’re not alone.

  • Prairie Mountain Running

    This goes out to all my hill-rep-loving friends. The mountains are calling, and we must go… up, down, up, down, etc See you at the hill!

  • Barkley vs Barkman

    This weekend saw the inaugural Barkman Marathons, a Barkley-inspired running event in Steinbach, Manitoba. How do these two events compare? In this zine we find out.

  • Running the Seasons

    A salute to all of Manitoba’s brave and crazy runners, who brave every season with a smile on their face. You know who you are (and your neighbours do too 😜).

  • Powered by Pickle Juice

    We’re tackling all the myth, legend, the magic of pickle juice in the zineternet today! Here’s a story from the 2022 Grizzly Ultra in Canmore, AB. Note: Don’t believe everything you read in zines. The author of this zine is not a medical professional, but has read some iRunFar articles (this one and this one,…