Paper Crafts for Spring Running

It’s spring!

Almost. Some days.

With weather conditions changing by the hour, runners face the daily struggles of how to dress, where to run, and where to step to avoid puddles and ice patches.

Here are a few paper crafts you can use to test your planning skills and prepare yourself for whatever you’ll find when you step out the door.

Paper Doll Runner: Spring Edition

The follow-up to our popular winter doll, add, remove, mix-and-match layers to match the weather.

Paper Doll Runner

Spring Conditions Dice Game

Snow? Ice? Wind? Or maybe, hopefully, some sun! You never know what you’ll get, but roll the dice, then adjust your layers to face your fate.

Simply print out the PDF below, cut it up (remember, running with scissors is dangerous, kids), glue it, and roll the dice to beat the ice!

Spring Conditions Dice Game
No running here (note the croc cameo)
Cut it up
You’re right, the odds are not in your favour, that’s what makes is so realistic.
A beautiful and dreadful cube.

Below is the PDF. Download this and print it out for hours of dice-rolling fun.