Newslettering, Live And In Print

Last weekend my brand-spankin new shiny printed copy of Newslettering arrived in the mail! I really enjoyed cracking open the package and flipping through. Blurb did a great job on the printing, the book looks great!

These days most of our artwork, photographs and words exist only as pixels on the screen, so there’s something special about being able to hold your production in your hand, smell the paper, and show it to others. While it’s satisfying, it also forces you to perfect your craft, as your mistakes as any errors are not easily editable by a few keystrokes. I found that out as there were a few things I would do differently with the colour elements of my book next time.

(The print version of Newslettering is actually still up for sale on the Blurb site, though unless you’re blowing your nose with $20 bills I’d recommend sticking with the free eBook).

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  1. Hey maybe you should do a post on the process of doing this. Looks sweet, and if I had $20 bucks, I’d buy one. It’s a collector’s item.

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