Category: Recent Work

  • Logo for Arete Endurance

    Logos are just an arrangement of shapes to which we, over time and experience, attach meaning. I created this bunch of shapes for my running club Arete Endurance, which over the summer came to represent one of the highlights of my week, enjoying sunrises, crazy exhausting workouts, and laughs with some great runners and friends. […]

  • Free eBook: 10 Tips For Your Next Presentation

    Presentations are a powerful way to spread your ideas and make them stick. Any time you give a talk, you have the opportunity to draw your audience into a compelling story, to persuade them, change their minds and help them grow. Unfortunately, we’ve all sat through a lot of really bad and ineffective presentations, where […]

  • Logo and Visual Branding: Gifts of Light

    The Bethesda Foundation for many years has put on the “Gifts of Light” campaign to raise money for health care projects in Steinbach. This year, Golden West partnered with the foundation, helping develop the campaign to give it more visibility and more opportunities for the public to be involved and give. The campaign included a […]

  • Summer in the City

    Summer in the City

    This year I had the opportunity to work with Summer in the City, our local annual arts and culture festival, as part of the Marketing team. In the months leading up to the festival we put together the posters, mail-out postcards, billboards, programs, website, and social media updates. It was my first time working with […]

  • City Unite

    Check out the new City Unite website! A movement based in the metro Denver area, City Unite focuses on uniting the body of Christ in each city to transform their city. Because of the geographical nature of their mission, the website centers around the map on the homepage as a central image and navigation point. […]

  • Online Advertising Video Infographic

    Our online creative team at Golden West made this video to communicate the rising importance of the internet in our daily lives, and the importance of businesses realizing this as they invest in advertising. Though there are many videos like this out there, not many feature Canadian stats, so we spent a lot of time […]

  • Ted H Davis Photography

    I’d like to introduce you to Ted H Davis Photography! Ted and Jami are good friends of ours, so it really made my day when Ted told us about this new step in his photography pursuits and asked me to design his logo. Ted has a great eye for capturing moments and personalities through his […]

  • Welcome Wall Decal

    Here’s our newest home decoration! Anna and I have had a secret obsession with wall decals (or “stickers for adults”) for some time now, and finally put one on our own wall! We designed, produced and installed this piece for the entrance of our home. We wanted it to feel warm and bright, and add […]

  • Average Joe Computer Services

    Check my newest website design, for Average Joe Computer Services! Average Joe is a new computer support company serving southeastern Manitoba. Chris (no, his name’s not Joe:) was really great to work with in developing his site. He came to us with a strong concept based around his JOE “characters” which represented his various computer […]

  • Mr. Owl

    I cherish every chance I get to doodle. Today I got one of those opportunities. Meet Mr. Owl.