Logo for Arete Endurance

Logos are just an arrangement of shapes to which we, over time and experience, attach meaning. I created this bunch of shapes for my running club Arete Endurance, which over the summer came to represent one of the highlights of my week, enjoying sunrises, crazy exhausting workouts, and laughs with some great runners and friends.

The word “arete” itself is filled with meaning. It has Greek roots for the term for “virtue” or “excellence”, and living up to your full potential. It also has a long history within athletic circles. In designing an icon, I based the design on the “AE” of Arete Endurance, and tried to convey a sense of forward movement, progression, and growth. The 3 lines of the “E” also gave a nod to the many triathletes that are part of our group.

After a short time, this icon has begun to take on meaning by signifying relationships, early mornings, and a pursuit of excellence, both in physical fitness and all areas of life.