Welcome Wall Decal

Wall Decal
Here’s our newest home decoration! Anna and I have had a secret obsession with wall decals (or “stickers for adults”) for some time now, and finally put one on our own wall!
Wall Decal
We designed, produced and installed this piece for the entrance of our home. We wanted it to feel warm and bright, and add some colour to our entry way. The fun thing about decals is that their colour is so bold, this design really pops on our wall!
Wall Decal
My first introduction to graphic design was in creating decals at my dad’s auto accessories shop during high school, and I’ve since stuck decals on windows, signs, vehicles and water bottles, but I think this was the first time I’d installed a decal onto a painted wall. But now we’re hooked! We hope to make a few more decals, large and small, for other places in our house soon!

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