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  • The Cost of Email in the Digital Neighbourhood

    Who pays for email? Email servers aside, email is essentially free. It’s free to send an email to thousands of email addresses. If the process is automated, the time cost is also nothing. The recipient, on the other hand, pays for the email in time and attention (even if it’s nothing more than the split-second […]

  • Three Years of Newslettering

    Three years ago I released my first eBook, Newslettering. Aimed directly at YWAMers, missionaries and others who need to communicate regularly with members of their “tribe”, I tried to pass on some of the things I’d learned about sending newsletters during my 8 years in missions. The eBook focuses both on the “why” and “how” […]

  • Love Begins in the Inbox

    Newsletters remain one of most effective ways for individuals and organizations to connect with their tribe. But given the fact that in 2011 71% of emails sent globally were spam, it’s understandable that people have become quite protective of their precious inboxes. If you send newsletters to supporters and tribe-members, you must treat that trust […]

  • Making Your Blog & Newsletter Work Together

    Making Your Blog & Newsletter Work Together

    You know the importance of keeping your people up to date, but never have enough time. After all, who has time to stay on top of writing weekly blog posts, putting together monthly or quarterly newsletters? Or maybe you’re putting the time in, but get annoyed with having to write every story twice, first for […]

  • Newslettering, Live And In Print

    Last weekend my brand-spankin new shiny printed copy of Newslettering arrived in the mail! I really enjoyed cracking open the package and flipping through. Blurb did a great job on the printing, the book looks great! These days most of our artwork, photographs and words exist only as pixels on the screen, so there’s something […]

  • Newslettering Made Even Easier

    Newslettering Made Even Easier

    In “Newslettering” I talked about how cool Mail Chimp is for sending HTML emails to your supporters, followers, family, friends. HTML emails = images and text in the email (no more annoying PDF or Word attachments), and Mail Chimp’s friendly, smooth (and did I mention FREE?) service makes creating quality email newsletters even better. And […]

  • Newslettering: Creating Effective Newsletters With Love

    Friends, I’d like you to meet my first eBook! Download “Newslettering” here. (in some browsers, right-click to save) When I joined Youth With A Mission in 2002, I realized that one of my most important tasks, though not in the “missionary” job description, was communicating with friends, family and supporters about what I was up […]

  • My first eBook ships tomorrow!

    Maybe a year ago or so I discovered the ebook. I’ve loved how Seth Godin has been giving his ideas away via the ebook for a while and David DuChemin’s ebooks about photography are inspiring and helpful. Ebooks are a low-cost, fast, efficient way to share ideas. They can also look really amazing. And now […]

  • Making Your Newsletters Remarkable: Be Yourself

    Standing in tension with my last “newsletters” post, where I discussed speaking your audience’s language while creating newsletters, is the need to be yourself. My favorite newsletters to read as a kid weren’t the pretty, glossy ones, but a black and white with cut-and-pasted photos newsletter from a relative living in Mongolia. It’s wasn’t professional or […]

  • Making Your Newsletters Remarkable: Speak Their Language

    If you’re involved in fundraising or connecting friends and supporters with your mission, ministry or cause, writing newsletters is probably an important part of what you do. Among my friends here at YWAM Denver, it’s always “newsletter time” for someone. I’ve been writing newsletters for nearly 9 years, and would like to share a couple […]