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  • The Year of the Fun Run

    When race cancellation emails began to fill runners’ inboxes in early 2020, causing a primary running and training motivator to fizzle, everyone was forced to look for those alternative motivations to keep moving forward. For several years I’d been finding “running as art” a good motivator for getting out the door daily (those RunHaiku won’t […]

  • Seek Friction

    A couple great takeaways in this interview with David McCullough from The Paris Review. The first, LOOK AT YOUR FISH (as shared by Austin Kleon, check out his summary here) is a great reminder that the answer is often right in front of you. The question is whether you’re able to see it. The second […]

  • RunHaiku Volume 1

    So I’ve been doing this thing… Every morning I wake up, throw on my running shoes (and as many layers of clothing necessary given the weather) and go for a run. This is my chance to disconnect. I don’t bring my phone. No earbuds. Instead I listen. I connect with my own physical body through […]

  • One Good Seam

    We all dream of having a chunk of uninterrupted time to work on creative projects: “If I could turn off my phone for just one day, I could work on my book.” * “If I could get a whole morning without interruptions, I could launch my website.”* Distractions and obligations, though, seem to get in […]

  • Draw, Shoot, Write to See

    Lately I’ve been realizing the importance of creative practices to develop the skill of seeing. Often we think of art as a means of self-expression, a gift we can offer to adoring fans. But art – the process of making it – is important for the maker of it as well. It’s through drawing, shooting […]

  • New book: Pay Attention

    We often find ourselves feeling distracted and discontent, bored with our everyday routines. As Louis CK put it, “everything’s amazing, but nobody’s happy”. We look for a change of scenery, or dream about a life somewhere “out there” where everything life will be amazing again. Wonder, though, is based more on posture than location. It’s […]

  • How to Draw (lessons from a 7-year-old)

    I don’t draw well. But I’m learning, thanks to my 7-year-old. When I was a kid, I drew all the time. I drew animals, hockey players (goaltenders sporting 90s Jets gear was my specialty), just about anything. I enjoyed the life of a prodigy artist and drew for the adoring masses (namely, my mom and […]

  • Slow Down, Be Creative

    I’ve always seen myself as a creative person, but I’ve realized one main obstacle that often gets in my way. I am a speedwalker. No matter where I’m going, I’m trying to get there as quickly as possible. My posture is just like that of the familiar pedestrian icon, leaning forward, eyes on the destination. […]

  • What I Learned From 30 Days of Daily Blogging

    One month ago I took up a challenge with a friend to blog daily for 30 days. Here are a few things I learned from the experience. 1. Constraints provide momentum. “What am I going to write about?” is one of the most common questions bloggers must answer for themselves, and I faced this one […]

  • Diversity Makes the Soil Rich

    Last weekend we visited Fort Whyte Alive, an environment education centre, home to wetlands and walking trails, a herd of bison, and thousands of geese this time of year. We learned about the prairie ecosystem, and how the prairie plants, wildlife and soil are intertwined, and essential to the health of our planet. We also […]