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Newslettering: Creating Effective Newsletters With Love

Scribd picked up my eBook! Ok, getting published by Scribd is like getting picked up by youTube, but here it is anyway, for your viewing pleasure. (BTW, Scribd is great for any PDF file sharing, try it out!).

Thanks for all the positive feedback about “Newslettering”, I’m glad some of you have enjoyed it.

One of the things I talk about in “Newslettering” is the importance of being yourself and finding your own voice.

I just read Hugh McLeod’s manifesto on “How to Be Creative” (download pdf here) at ChangeThis. Hugh is a back-of-business-card cartoonist (I know, didn’t know there was a market, right?), blogger at, and recently wrote a book about creativity.

His advice about finding your creative voice is this:

“Put your whole self into it, and you will find your true voice. Hold back and you wonʼt. Itʼs that simple.”

Check out his other thoughts about creativity, he’s got some good ones.

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