Logo Design: Denver Counseling Clinic

I was excited to have the chance to design a logo for a friend of mine who’s starting her counselling practice. Simone Verrone of Denver Counseling Clinic wan’t a logo that portrayed healing, growth, health and self-discovery. And while it might not be too difficult to come up with a ubiquitous “counseling” logo, I really appreciated Simone’s desire to have a unique logo.

After much doodling, playing around with various ideas and consulting with my wife, we fell upon this icon design.

I was super excited about it because these few simple lines contained all the elements we were trying to convey. You can see the butterfly, symbolizing healing and transformation and whose leaf-like wings represent growth, as well as the “D” and “C” from “Denver Counseling Clinic.” In the negative space you can see the shape of a tree, and the Greek letter “psi” (Ψ) is the symbol used for psychology and psychotherapy.

Her website is nearly ready, and you can also find her on Facebook.

Simone, Kevin, and Anthony, it was a pleasure working with you! All the best on this new endeavour!

2 responses to “Logo Design: Denver Counseling Clinic”

  1. Brent,
    thank you so much for your work. The result surpassed my expectations, as it seemed almost impossible to create an original logo that incorporated all of my requests to you – Ψ, healing and transformation.
    My logo fits perfectly with all we want to communicate to my clientele.
    Thank you again for patiently working with me on this!

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