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  • Burton Kramer

    Burton Kramer

    Recently I’ve been checking out Burton Kramer’s design work. NYC-born, Kramer ┬átrained in graphic design in the USA, but spent several years in Switzerland (during the hay-days of Helvetica). He later moved to Toronto, where his modernist style became hugely influential in the Canadian design world. Probably most well-known for his iconic 1974 CBC logo […]

  • Logo Design: Denver Counseling Clinic

    I was excited to have the chance to design a logo for a friend of mine who’s starting her counselling practice. Simone Verrone of Denver Counseling Clinic wan’t a logo that portrayed healing, growth, health and self-discovery. And while it might not be too difficult to come up with a ubiquitous “counseling” logo, I really […]

  • Design Project: Ambient Student Ministries

    Last weekend I had the chance to create a disc golf design (the design above) for a good friend’s ministry in Washington. They’re just about finished building their own disc golf course and will be getting custom discs made. Petey and I and some other friends had many a disc golf game back in the […]

  • Volaticus: Don’t design a logo before you’ve booked a gig

    In high school a few friends and I started a band. We called ourselves “Volaticus” and knew we were on the brink of rock band fame and glory. Shortly after our first gig we had designed up a logo and were dreaming about making t-shirts and stickers. Unfortunately Volaticus never survived past its second performance. […]