Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation

In his inspiring presentation Chris Anderson, curator of the TED Conference,  introduces to the term “crowd accelerated innovation” and how web video has amplified this process exponentially.

“Our brains are uniquely wired to decipher video.”

Anderson makes the point that while the written word has done so much to advance ideas worldwide, it is a fairly recent invention compared to face-to-face communication. So much more can be communicated by our posture, cadence, facial expressions and visuals than mere words on a page. This makes the growing capabilities of video communication – both for personal and mass communication – really exciting for the spread of information both today and into the future.

“You’re the teacher. You’re part of the crowd that may be preparing to launch the biggest learning revolution in history.”

While media has often tried to make us mere consumers, we all have the tools to be “net contributors.” And while much has been said about how technology decreases our human interactions, we have the opportunity to use existing technology to make human interaction more “human” on a global level than ever before. As Anderson demonstrates at the conclusion of his talk, learning and inspiration can now be shared to and from any corner of the world.

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