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  • The Woman in Purple

    The Woman in Purple

    I love photos that tell a story. Still images often contain living, breathing stories that invite us to participate in their telling. Above is one of the favourite photos I’ve ever taken. Sitting on the steps of the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque in Sarajevo, a bright pop of colour between those great pillars, this woman in…

  • Magical Northern Lights

    Last week my wife stayed up till nearly 3AM to photograph the amazing northern lights display. Anna has incredible patience when she wants to capture a particular photo, and in this case it paid off!

  • Our First Christmas Tree

    This year, for the first time since we got married we’re not traveling out of the country for Christmas, so we were able to justify getting a Christmas tree. Anna’s been looking forward to this for at least the last year. Of course this is also Olivia’s first Christmas. For the occasion we decided to…

  • Gratitude, It’s All In The Lens

    Since moving to Manitoba, we’ve really appreciated the beauty of our town and natural surroundings. Although some consider the prairies kinda boring (especially compared to Colorado), it seems like any place can get old after a while. Familiarity can easily breed ungratefulness. We’ve been actively trying to appreciate the uniquenesses of our new home area.…

  • Celebrating Eisley

    Yesterday we joined in remembering Eisley Davis. Ted, Jami, Chase, we love you guys.

  • Saturday Morning Fog

    Last Saturday I had the chance to go for a walk around our neighbourhood and take some photos in the early morning fog. (I didn’t really choose to get up so early, but since Olivia makes an annoyingly effective alarm clock at 6am these days, I decided to make the most of it). We don’t…

  • Create Your Own Heart-Shaped Aperture

    I came home yesterday to Anna crouching on the floor with camera and a piece of cardboard in hand, taking photos of a bunch of mini-lights. Once I finally figured out what kind of effect she was playing with I got really excited. You can buy creative aperture kits (also called “bokeh”) that will help…

  • We *heart* Olivia

    Olivia turned 5 months old today, which called for another photo shoot. And Anna figured out how to make this cool hearty photo happen (with only lights and cardboard!)!

  • Light

    Lately I’ve been checking out some master-of-light-effects graphic artists and trying to learn from their style. Here’s something I put together last night, based on a photo we took of Winnipeg last week. And it looks better in a larger format, which you can find here.

  • Capturing Lightning

    We’ve all laughed at the guy who stands there thinking he can grab a snapshot of lightning. Even the quickest trigger finger can’t snap a photo quick enough. Well, last night I was that guy, but armed with one thing more – long exposure! Last night I walked out to the soccer fields behind our…