Gratitude, It’s All In The Lens

Since moving to Manitoba, we’ve really appreciated the beauty of our town and natural surroundings. Although some consider the prairies kinda boring (especially compared to Colorado), it seems like any place can get old after a while. Familiarity can easily breed ungratefulness. We’ve been actively trying to appreciate the uniquenesses of our new home area.

For us as a family, this appreciation has often come by looking at our world through the lens of a camera.

The funny thing about shutterbugs (and if that’s not you then you probably know one) is that you can put them into any room or landscape, stick a camera in their hands, and every corner and feature becomes a potential work of art. Something happens, not to their surroundings, but to the way they look at things. The same boring trees that have been standing in the same place for years suddenly become a masterpiece.

It seems that gratitude doesn’t depend so much on what you have, but on the lens you’re looking through.

As fall quickly turns to winter, we’re excited about how our scenery will transform. And I guess when it’s -30ºC (or ºF, doesn’t really matter) our little theory about gratitude will really be put to the test :).

If your surroundings are looking a little bleak, you might try seeing how your world looks through a different lens.

Here’s the moon from our deck last night, and the sunset while I was on a run this evening.


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