Zine: Where the Wolves Hooowl

Here’s an 8-page zine I made about our Wolf Howl Hike back when the snow was deep and the nights were cold (ok, they’re still a little cold).

It’s interesting how we share the stories happening in our lives, isn’t it? These days we can snap a photo of something we did, and share it with the world the same day. Heck, we can give the world a window into our world in real time!

If you change your pace of sharing, does it change the sharing? Is your story heard differently when the time between the happening and the telling is increased?

I’ve been finding it beneficial to lengthen that distance more, more often. It’s hard to hold stories when the possibility is within reach at all times, but I like seeing the result of letting things simmer a little longer. In making this little zine, it was fun to reflect back on a good memory. Who knows, maybe it will make the memory a little more sticky in my own aging brain as well.

By the way, I’ve made a few of these 8-page zines before. They’re fun, and work best (in my opinion) when they’re made quickly. Thx Austin Kleon for showing the ways.