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  • Wolves Don’t Want to Eat You

    Last week we went on a Wolf Howl Hike in the Whiteshell and learned a bunch of things about wolves, including how they can’t huff or puff, nor can they blow your house down. I also wrote about our experience on the same hike last year (and made a zine about it, we didn’t actually […]

  • Zine: Where the Wolves Hooowl

    Here’s an 8-page zine I made about our Wolf Howl Hike back when the snow was deep and the nights were cold (ok, they’re still a little cold). It’s interesting how we share the stories happening in our lives, isn’t it? These days we can snap a photo of something we did, and share it […]

  • Desire Lines

    Winter is the best time to observe “desire lines”, those trails designed and enforced by repeated use. Like-minded and like-footed travelers, if they agree on a destination, can combine forces over time to create trails to benefit all future travelers. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon these deer highways cut through the deep snow […]

  • Walk and See

    The Appalachian Trail stretch 2,140 miles along the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States, from Maine to Georgia. The idea of one long continuous trail was originally dreamed up by Benton MacKaye in the early 1900s to provide accessible wilderness experiences to an increasingly urban population. As told by Robert Moor in his wonderful […]