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  • Wolves Don’t Want to Eat You

    Last week we went on a Wolf Howl Hike in the Whiteshell and learned a bunch of things about wolves, including how they can’t huff or puff, nor can they blow your house down. I also wrote about our experience on the same hike last year (and made a zine about it, we didn’t actually […]

  • Zine: Where the Wolves Hooowl

    Here’s an 8-page zine I made about our Wolf Howl Hike back when the snow was deep and the nights were cold (ok, they’re still a little cold). It’s interesting how we share the stories happening in our lives, isn’t it? These days we can snap a photo of something we did, and share it […]

  • Howling at Wolves

    I didn’t really think it through when we signed up for the Wolf Howl Hike at Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary last week. After work and school we drove out into the growing darkness in the Whiteshell, met up with a small group of fellow headlamp-wearing families, strapped on snowshoes, and trekked out into the unknown. […]