Time, Effort, and Stamina

I’ve usually thought, probably like most people, that creative people are born creative. Amazing musicians and artists can’t help but be amazing. And if you don’t got it, you just don’t got it. (And man, that August Rush kid had it! ….I got so irritated by that movie…). So I would poke around, hoping to chance upon some divine inspiration to launch myself into creative stardom, hoping that I “had it” in some medium.

But lately I’ve been reading some stuff by some of those “amazing creatives,” and they seem to agree (surprise surprise) that creativity is not so much about the inspiration, it’s more about hard work. Really really hard work. I would dismiss it, but these folks seem to know what they’re talking about. (You’d think they’d try to attribute their skills to their genes, to discourage the rest of us from trying to catch up, but maybe the threat of hard work is a big enough obstacle…).

“Doing anything worthwhile takes forever. 90% of what separates successful people and failed people is time, effort, and stamina… Put the hours in; do it for long enough and magical, life-transforming things happen eventually. Sure, that means less time watching TV, Internet-surfing, going out, or whatever.” – Hugh McLeod

I’m hoping to spend more time practicing my craft (I’d rather call it “playing”, sounds more fun). I’m excited to see what we can create as we work hard to develop our crafts

The above was today’s “playing”, based on a type style by Mario Hugo and the quote above by Hugh McLeod.


2 responses to “Time, Effort, and Stamina”

  1. I still think that they have their left or right brain (the creative site) more developed. But I agree… practice and do it a lot!! Encouraging to know that I can also be creative if I realllly want it 🙂

    • true, i think all have a natural bent toward something. maybe i’ll never be a great sculptor or landscaper, no matter how many hours i practice, but i think we all have our things that can be developed and we can become great in.

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