The Parade Filter

Watching our town parade yesterday I gradually realized – after seeing dozens of corporate floats – how much of a parade is actually focused on advertising.

While the thought of watching one hour of (slowly-moving) ads might taint the whole parade experience, I also realized that this might be one of the best forms of advertising out there. Smiles, creativity, free candy? Is that really so bad?

What if all ads in any medium had to pass the “parade filter” before launching?

Is the message wrapped in humanity? Will it be entertaining? Is it generous?

In a parade, generosity is applauded, takers are shunned. Handing out business cards and hard-sell-through-bullhorn go against etiquette. Throwing handfuls of candy brings delight (of both kids and adults).

Both in parades and in conveying your message, humanity, creativity and generosity always win.


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