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  • The Promise of Advertising

    I watched an interesting School of Life video the other day that struck me because it touched on a nagging doubt that plagues me as a marketing guy. The thought that I’m pouring all my creative juices into helping convince people to buy more stuff. Is buying more stuff really what anyone needs? Is this…

  • The Parade Filter

    Watching our town parade yesterday I gradually realized – after seeing dozens of corporate floats – how much of a parade is actually focused on advertising. While the thought of watching one hour of (slowly-moving) ads might taint the whole parade experience, I also realized that this might be one of the best forms of…

  • Push vs Pull

    A couple years ago I sent my daughter – a 2-year-old at the time – down a huge slide by herself. I figured with a little push she’d realize how much fun it is to cruise recklessly down the curvy slope. I was wrong, and the tears and screams alerted all the other parents in…

  • Advertising Gives Value: TED Talk by Rory Sutherland

    In this entertaining talk, ad man Rory Sutherland points out that while advertising is often given a bad rap, it actually plays an important role in giving value and appreciation to what we already have. “We are perishing from want of wonder, not for want of wonders.” – G.K. Chesterton

  • The Spirituality of Advertising

    Not the first words that come to mind when most think of advertising, but as one who spends a good chunk of his day creating advertising, I’m hoping that believing it might make it so.

  • Above the Buzz

    Called “Flyvertising,” this is one of the most clever advertising stunts I’ve ever seen: How will you make your message noticeable and memorable to get above the “buzz”? (Check out the “how the heck did they do that” video┬áhere).