The “Olivia Photostream” begins

Tomorrow will mark one week as a father. Olivia has already brought us more joy than we could have imagined, while at the same time bringing us to the end of ourselves on a daily basis. I had never understood what an enormous undertaking parenting is. But we’re loving every minute of it.

Olivia's Many Faces

I’ve always been amazed at how many pictures some parents take of their kids, it reminds me of Zoolander (don’t you realize, every look is the same!). But now being a parent myself, I’m starting to understand. Maybe parents take lots of pics because kids are just so dang cute, or it might be because it’s impossible in one photo to capture the wonder, joy and hope that is contained in each little life. A picture may say 1000 words, but 1000 pictures can’t hope to capture all the personality and beauty of our little Olivia.

Meet Olivia Brooke


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