The Importance of Passion

Tuesday was a good day for my mailbox. Not only did my Computer Arts mag arrive, but I also received a package of print samples from Moo. Moo got me excited about printing business cards from the day my wife introduced me to them.

Many websites offer business card printing, and many do it with quality and a good price. But Moo sells something special: passion. The video below could only be appreciated by a paper nerd.

Pristine??? Who uses a word like that to describe paper?!?

These days, passion is one of the more precious commodity, maybe because it’s rare. What Seth Godin calls the “race to the bottom”, beating the competition with lower prices, is a tough race to win. But the market for passion is full of opportunity. When you love what you do or make – even if it’s something like business cards – you tell a story that people will love to be a part of. (If you’ve ever bought an Apple product, you probably also know the feeling).

When I cracked open my Moo sampler package I felt like I was holding little works of art. And for the record, their business cards really are quite smooth.

If you care about your craft, your work, your art, be proud! We all need your passion, even if it’s as nerdy as caring about little pieces of paper.

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