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  • The Importance of Passion

    Tuesday was a good day for my mailbox. Not only did my Computer Arts mag arrive, but I also received a package of print samples from Moo. Moo got me excited about printing business cards from the day my wife introduced me to them. Many websites offer business card printing, and many do it with […]

  • Psychotic Inertia

    May I recommend a book? I just finished Psychotic Intertia: A Book About Calling and Confusion, written by a friend and long-time teacher on the subject, Patrick Dodson. In the book Patrick talks about how our view of God affects how we view our futures and our roles in determining those futures. He unravels how […]

  • Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish

    I just watched this amazing talk by Jamie Oliver about the need to teach children about food, and it gave me chills the whole way through. Watch it below, or on TED. Jamie came in with a chip on his shoulder, I think it’s his strong passion that made this talk so compelling. He calls […]