Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish

I just watched this amazing talk by Jamie Oliver about the need to teach children about food, and it gave me chills the whole way through. Watch it below, or on TED.

Jamie came in with a chip on his shoulder, I think it’s his strong passion that made this talk so compelling. He calls for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food, stating that poor nutrition and obesity are our greatest enemies in this country.

I’ve been chatting a lot with friends about the food we eat and my wife and I have been taking steps to eat healthier. At times I haven’t wanted to make the lifestyle changes that are difficult because they go against the grain and against convenience. At lunch I opt for the taste-good food rather than the salad, and at dinner time I usually opt for the quick or cheap option instead making cooking great meals a value. But we continue to try to make lifestyle changes, and we want to pass the importance of food on to our baby girl.

Watch Jamie’s talk and let me know what you think.


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