The Fresh Paint Smell

Anna’s brother and sister in-law visited from Holland last week, and what was supposed to be their vacation time turned into a big work project that left our house re-organized and our main floor freshly painted. They also poured their blood, sweat and tears (almost literally) into sanding down our armoire by the front door which was originally red, and now is wood and really pops!


(This is our house from the front door. The living room is on the right, and you can see the dining area and kitchen in the photo. The stairway to the bedrooms is behind the gray wall. There, now you’ve had the tour! :))

The really cool thing about having the help of having creative minds and eager hands help transforming our living space is that they’ve left us excited about the possibilities of how we can make these rooms our own. Now we gotta get some sweet artwork on the walls!

Meine en Irene, thanks for the help!


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