Photography that says “I love you”

Jonathan Harris has explored different methods of collecting and sharing stories, using technology and photography.  Watch this video and be inspired to look at the world through different eyes.

I’ve been really inspired by his project in Bhutan.  I’ve usually considered photography as an medium that communicates to an audience.  But what does photography communicate to its subject?  What does our method of snapping pics say about the value of those on the other side of the lens?  Taking a photo of someone can say, “I want to exploit you for the sake of my artwork or my message.”  Definitely a selfish approach, but sometimes the motivation we assume, especially when we have a message that we feel needs to be shared.

But taking a photo of someone can also say, “You are beautiful, and I want to honor you.” Imagine the power of assuming this motivation as artists, photographers, and communicators!

What I admire about Jonathan Harris is the way in which he honors and respects the people whose stories he shares through images and sound.  In capturing their joys, hurts, and dreams, he gives us a window into this other person’s world, and invites us join in honoring our brother or sister on the other side of the globe.

What can we do with our creative talents, not only to share a life-changing message with our audiences, but to share a life-changing message with our subjects?


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