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I enjoy the process of designing a logo – understanding what the client wants their logo to represent and putting the pieces together in a simple and memorable icon. I spent my mid- to late-teenage years cutting vinyls and installing them on vehicles and signs, so I can appreciate the use of simple images and lines. With the increase of web-based businesses, the possibilities for a logo design have greatly increased (if you don’t have to be able to photocopy a logo, you can use a much wider range of textures, images and colors), but I still enjoy the simplicity of basic iconic logos. Recently I realized that not everyone intrinsically thinks that simple logos are beautiful, so I thought I’d let you into my fascination.


Recently my friend Steven asked me to design a logo for his new business, Kansas City Carpet Care. Steven had a really good idea of what he wanted – a logo representing a younger, fast-paced, hard-worker that was easily recognizable to the public eye for future marketing. He was fairly specific about the equipment he uses, so I wanted to be sure to give the feel of industrial cleaning equipment. I also knew that he would need this logo for his website, business cards, print materials and his vehicles, so it needed to pass the “black-and-white” test.

Initial Design Phase

Brainstorming and doodling is the most important part of my process. I started off with pen and paper, trying to get the figures right. I decided to incorporate bubbles (because, as you can see, “bubbles=clean”). I spent some time on the cleaning equipment, trying to keep it simple, yet not make it look like a lawn mower. I liked how the curves of the figure’s arms and legs gave the logo a feel of forward motion.

Once I settled on a main idea, I traced it in Illustrator and touched up a lot of little symmetry errors in my sketches. I then added colors (blue felt fresh and clean).

I sent Steven a few different logo options, he opted for this one. He loved it! Thanks Steven, I really enjoyed working with you!

Hope this gives you a little appreciation for my love of logos and the process of designing a logo. (And if you live in the Kansas City area and need some carpets cleaned, I know this great guy, hard-worker, honest…… 😉

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