The Power of Cartoons

Patrick Chappatte is an editorial cartoonist who gave the following talk at TED this year about the power of cartoons. While quite to point out (and laugh about) the grim future of the newspaper, Chappatte displays the enduring power of visual communication. Watch this talk if, for nothing else, the clever use of his cartoons to strike laughs throughout his presentation.

“[Cartoons are] a great tool of communication, for bad or for good. Cartoons can cross boundaries, and humor is a good way to address serious issues.”

Chappatte makes the point that while cartoons can be used to fuel war and hatred, they can also be used to affect positive change. In 2006 he traveled to the Ivory Coast as a graphic journalist. While he was there he led a 3-day workshop with cartoonists from both sides of the conflict, where they did a project together to tackle the issues affecting their nation. He has since done similar projects in Lebenon and Kenya.

I get excited and inspired when I hear about people using their craft to affect the world for the sake of peace. I hope Chappatte and others like him can continue use their cartoons to change the world, no matter what material their printed on.

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