The Pickle Juice Mug

Pickle Juice Mug
My mug behind a mug

The best jokes need to be shared. Which is why I’d like to share the opportunity to share the joy of pickle juice…

Introducing the Pickle Juice Mug!

We’ve been having a lot of fun with running and the power of pickle juice this year (read Powered by Pickle Juice which started it off). One day while chatting with my kids we thought, wouldn’t it be funny to have a coffee mug stating, “I’d rather be drinking pickle juice”?

Well now that very mug is out in the world.

Pickle Juice Mug

Pickle juice is known in the ultrarunning world for its science-defying leg-cramp-curing properties (be they real or placebo, you can decide), as well as its, uh, distinct flavour. If you’ve resorted to sipping the stuff it means you’re digging deep to keep your body moving forward.

It’s this effort we applaud while sipping coffee (or pickle juice itself) from this unique mug.

Pickle Juice Mug

You can pick one up for yourself in my brand new shop, where your mug will be printed on demand in Canada and shipped to your door. (Tip: shipping costs get much more reasonable when you buy more than one.)

Thanks so much for joining in the fun. I hope you have as much fun with this mug as I did making it.

Bottoms up!

PS: If you’re feeling extra proud of your pickle juice consumption, check out the Powered by Pickle Juice T-Shirt!