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  • Grouse will scare you sockless

    What? Me? Scared of some little bird that just flew up out of nowhere making that heart-pounding sound? No way, hehe… But unrelated, did you pack extra TP?

  • Winter Trails

    It’s winter trail season. I’ve highlighted desire lines before, as well as some of the cool things winter reveals, but the phenomenon is new to discover every year. Some methods of moving through the world occur only in this season, only when the conditions are right. Some for essential transportation, others for the pure joy […]

  • Desire Lines

    Winter is the best time to observe “desire lines”, those trails designed and enforced by repeated use. Like-minded and like-footed travelers, if they agree on a destination, can combine forces over time to create trails to benefit all future travelers. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon these deer highways cut through the deep snow […]

  • The Things Dad Brought Home

    Last weekend I ran on the frozen Seine River. Because of the rumours of wildlife along this twisting urban waterway, I kept my camera (the kind that also makes phone calls) handy. Sure enough, within the first couple kilometres I’d chased up a fox, later a small herd of friendly whitetails. And at about the […]

  • The Right Path

    Lately I’ve been reflecting on a recent read, On Trails, by Robert Moor. Looks like we’ve got a little impromptu series of posts going, you can read other thoughts from this book here and here. This book’s cover, even in its Dutch form, drew me in last summer, and this winter I finally had the […]