Here’s a quote I heard a while back, but found myself quoting a lot recently:

“It takes four hours to get one hour of creative work done.” – David Lynch

Tim Sanders wrote a helpful commentary on this idea, in which he talks about the need to rehearse before you create. Rehearsing is a way of invoking the spontaneity of a creative moment, not just in big performances, but in smaller projects as well.

“[Creativity] is an in-the-moment experience. If you sit down to ‘wham it out’, you’ll end up polishing a turd. You’ll spew, edit, delete, fix, re-edit and sqeeze the life out of your ‘baby.’

I know I usually expect myself to be able to crank out good ideas at the drop of a hat, with little thought or time to preparing myself, “warming up”, or rehearsing. Not fair.

Sanders employs rehearsal in his writing by talking through passages on the putting green before going inside to write them down.

What do you do to warm up creatively?

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