Postcards from Schiermonnikoog

Greetings from Holland! We spent the past weekend with (most of) Anna’s family on Schiermonnikoog, a small island off the coast of Holland in the North Sea. The island is a protected nature reserve, home to about 1000 people and thousands of birds, whose beaches are wide and streets virtually car-less. We rented bikes as soon as we got off the ferry and were able to explore the land on the many bike paths.

One of my favourite times was biking with Olivia as she sat in a kid seat attached to my handlebars. She loved watching the scenery, noticing the birds and sheep along the way.

Anna’s been taking some great photos on this trip of family and scenery, so I took the opportunity to make a couple “postcards” that I wanted to send your way. Be sure to check out the photos that Anna will continue to be posting on her FB page.

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