Perpetual Harvest

I once heard that in the Netherlands, because of over-worked farmland, vegetables now contain about half the nutritional value that they used to.

I wonder how many of us are giving less the full “nutritional value” into our work and relationships because we’re over-worked. Our “always on” culture seems to amplify the importance of working, and minimize the value of rest and replenishment. We’re quick to “burn the candle at both ends”, ignoring the value of things like sleep, sabbath and doing “nothing”. I know that’s me, anyway.

Todd Henry shares a great podcast about the importance of seasons. He points out that we simply cannot always be in a state of perpetual harvest. In the various aspects of our lives we need to be obeying the natural rhythms of growth: planting, weeding and pruning, harvesting and rest.

Are you stuck in perpetual harvest?

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