Nocturnal Songs

So [hope] makes a home
In the deep shadows
Where it waits to be found
By those who need it most

– David Gate #

Lately I’ve taken note of the melancholy songs who, in Wendell Berry’s words, “don’t disturb the stillness from where they came.” Maybe they’re nocturnal songs, who hide out in the shadows.

Spencer LaJoye‘s heartfelt live rendition of Plowshare Prayer stopped me in my tracks at the end of a long work day, and stuck with me since.

Magik*Magik‘s Weep, video directed by Nathan Johnson, might be a solace to anyone who’s ever wanted to buck against the pressure to make the show go on.

Ok, I honestly didn’t expect chills at my daughter’s choir concert. But one of the choirs brought Wood Pigeon’s …And as the Ship Went Down, and the energy of the moment was tangible. A pleading to keep going, and keep hoping.

If you’re walking in the dark right now, I hope you find the hope that’s waiting for you.