Love is Created

Last week a dear friend launched his new organization website and set a dream in motion. The Art & Justice League, founded by Anthony Lee, is all about facilitating the healing of children around the globe who are victims of injustice, through creative expression and advocacy.

“I believe LOVE is created. Love doesn’t just come to us as we wait; it needs to be created. The process of creating joy, gratefulness, happiness, and patience is a beautiful thing. Loving is the process of creating these virtues. We don’t meet love… we create it.”

I’ve always been inspired by Anthony’s creativity and heart of compassion, and I’m super excited for the beginnings of his vision to see hurting kids laugh and play again. We’d had many a chat over a beer and coffee and have worked together on several creative and advocacy projects. I love Anthony’s passion, dedication and grit, as well as his tender heart.

Please check out his website and bring your creativity to the table to be part of this movement.

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out Anthony’s recent documentary, “Against All Hope.”

Against All Hope from Art and Justice League on Vimeo.


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