Leaning Into the Fear

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The hardest part about learning to snowboard learning to lean forward. The natural thing when you’re strapped to a slippery board at the top of a 12,000ft mountain is to lean back. As if leaning back will help you ease gently down the hill.

That’s the fear talking. But fear doesn’t know what’s safe.

Leaning back only decreases your control on your board, and increases your speed. It’s only when you put your weight on your front foot that you can control your board and your descent.

Leaning down the mountain is the scariest – and safest – thing you can do.

The same is true with public speaking, creating great art, and meeting new people too. Fear tells you to hold back in uncomfortable situations, but the fear is wrong. Embracing your fear and leaning forward is the safest thing you can do.

In which situation do you need to lean into your fear?


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