iPhone, the blessing and the curse

Last week we launched ourselves into the iPhone life, and I hesitantly so. Though I was told repeatedly that the iPhone was amazing and that once I had one I’d never know how I’d survived before, I was cautious, wondering how connected I really wanted to be. I had enough issues with obsessive email-checking and the distractions of the Wonderful World of Wireless internet, did I really want to stick that all in my pocket and bring it with me wherever I went?

But I did it. Blessing or a curse so far? (aside from the curse of being obsoleted by the iPhone4 in a matter of days, or course…)

First off, it’s true, the distractions are endless. The worst thing is the little games that are a nice occasional break or relaxer, but are stinkin addicting (stupid AngryBirds!). Equally tempting is the endless stream of information via Twitter and blogs that fly in the face of Timothy Ferriss’ idea of a “low-information diet”. There’s just so much to see and do and learn, and never enough time!

But on the other hand, apart from the obvious benefits of on-the-go maps and all that, the iPhone has helped us appreciate some of the simpler things in life. Having a camera on hand (or in pocket), along with being able to publish quickly, have helped us capture little moments in life and see our new surroundings in a new light.

Here are a few shots my wife and I have captured this week, with thanks to BestCam.

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  1. I thought of you guys when I saw the release of iPhone 4.0! Arg.
    I’m going into Polo Park for an Apple seminar today! Are you home sick? *hint* We should go in for one together sometime! Have you ever gone for one? Have a good one. Nice pics. Kent

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