iPads, Autism, and the Story You’ll Tell

The other day I watched two brilliant stories. They contrast the amazing diversity of stories being told these days, and got me really excited for the opportunities we all have to tell stories of our own.

The first is a short TED talk by Joe Sabia. With faster iPad fingers than you’ll ever see on stage, he explores the ever-evolving art of storytelling, while at the same time demonstrating one of the latest storytelling technologies to “pop up”. Check it out below (or here).

The second, the inspiring story of Carly Fleischmann. Carly is a teenager with autism who discovered her voice when she was first set in front of a computer. Today she is a prolific blogger and tweeter who shares her inside view of living life with autism. Watch her story.

It used to be that only the person holding the microphone could be heard. Today, everyone has a voice, and there are about as many methods for sharing your story with everyone on the planet as there are people on it.

What are you going to say?

“Don’t give up. Your inner voice will find its way out. Mine did.” – Carly Fleishmann

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