Finding Your Voice

Photo by Walt Stoneburner
Photo by Walt Stoneburner
Donald Miller says that the first stage in writing a book is finding your voice. That might be true of writing a book, on a micro level, but it’s also true of being a writer in general.

You need to find your voice.

If you’re a leader, an artist, a musician, a speaker, whatever, you need to find your “voice” – that tone, attitude, persona that fits the role.

Finding you voice isn’t as easy as simply doing warm ups, stretching your vocal chords, the pros say it takes years.

That’s why people choose to blog every day, do 365 projects (here’s one I’m excited about), take every speaking or leadership gig they can get their hands on. They’re trying to find their voice.

It follows, then, that if you want to have a great voice in any arena, it’s best to start practicing today.


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