Everything You Do

A while back I heard a McDonald’s franchisee share his, “Everything you do is marketing” mantra in talking about the importance of taking care of every customer that comes into his restaurants. Recently I saw this mantra in action at another McDonald’s restaurant.

Last month, some friends of ours lost a wallet while they were moving their family halfway across the country. The McDonald’s that found it sent it back to their previous home address, where we picked it up and relayed it to them. The wallet had been shipped wrapped in tray liners, complete with a letter from the store owner and a “free coffee” coupon.

In business, as in life, actions speak louder than words. It’s easier to say you care about your customers when you’ve already shipped the proof, wrapped in tray liners.

A brand should always do everything it says, but rarely say everything it does. @leeclowsbeard

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