Escaping ‘death by PowerPoint’

Over the past couple years I’ve gained a huge interest in the art and science of public presentations. I enjoy the challenge of sharing an important message in a creative, effective way.

If you’re a presenter, teacher or public speaker, you’ve undoubtedly faced the challenge of engaging your audience, keeping their attention and helping them “get” what you’re trying to communicate. In an effect to communicate more effectively, most of us have looked to PowerPoint or other presentation software (like Keynote, my personal preference) to help us get our ideas across.

Presentation ZenOne resource that has helped me as I’ve developed lectures and presentations is Garr Reynolds’ book, Presentation Zen, and his blog. He writes about how to escape “death by PowerPoint” by simplifying your message and considering the role and design of your visual elements.

Below you can see a slide deck from a presentation I shared this morning to a new group of students at YWAM Denver. I shared about the importance of their participation in our community gatherings and what that looks like. You can see that, without me the presenter, these slides are kinda confusing and out of context. These images were not intended to be the presentation, but to support me, the presenter, in getting my message across.

Flow Of Worship Deck
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What tips or resources have helped you in preparing for your presentations?


4 responses to “Escaping ‘death by PowerPoint’”

  1. Good post man! I really like your site. It feels really clean and easy to read. Very nice colors and dimensions.

    Good powerpoint as well! I liked your Symphony and Powder slides. Garr would be proud!

  2. Garr definitely would be proud! Looks like you changed up the deck a little bit, I like it. Hey, have either of you got your hands on the Presentation Zen Design book yet? Jeremy if you bring one to Xi’an I’ll definitely borrow it from you :).

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