Don’t Aim at Success – My First Tapestry

I recently heard about Tapestry, which is an app with an interesting take on visual storytelling using words, photos and the simple “tap”. The combination of text, visuals and pacing caught my curiosity. It’s kind of like a slideshow (sans cheese) that you view on your phone.

Below is my first test drive of the process of creating a tapestry. After hearing quotes from Viktor Frankl’s legendary “Man’s Search for Meaning” for a long time, I’ve finally jumped into the book myself. This quote – from the Preface – struck before I even got into the meat of the book. (Being my first Tapestry, the irony of title visual isn’t lost on me either ;).

I created the Tapestry using their online editor, which is limited, but is fairly easy for anyone to use. Check it out below (or here):

There are some fun stories being told in the Tapestry community. Make sure you try out the app, and tell a story of your own!

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