“Creative” Isn’t a Noun, It’s a Challenge

“Creative” is a funny word. We use it to describe people, as if “creative” is trait they possess, as in “she has brown hair, glasses, and she’s really creative“. We even use it to describe a thing, like a script or advertising graphics. “The campaign starts next week, so the creative needs to be ready by Friday.”

If you work in a field with “creative” in the title, you’ve probably wrestled with this a bit. When people say you work in creative, it sounds pretty cool, but it also feels a little awkward. Creative people know that no one industry or job title owns creativity.

Creative people know that creativity is a choice, available to everyone.

I was talking to our air conditioning installer last year, who talked about how he exercised creativity in installing our cooling system (and we were grateful for it every single day throughout the summer).

“Creative” isn’t a static thing, it’s not something you can possess. But it is a choice. We can choose to think creatively and look at problems in new ways. We can choose to create things.

If you find the word “creative” on your business card, instead of wearing the title like a badge of honour, treat it like a challenge. Make your title a reminder, a calling to live up to.

Choose to bring fresh eyes to the table every day. Choose to think creatively. Choose to create.

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