You Can Change the World: TED Talk by Nancy Duarte

A couple months ago I got my hands on Nancy Duarte’s new book, Resonate. Duarte recently spoke at TEDxEast, and released the video of her 18-minute talk.

Nancy Duarte’s talk at TEDx East from Duarte Design on Vimeo.

“You are not the hero who will save the audience; the audience is your hero.” – Nancy Duarte

In her talk she talks about some of the big ideas from book about incorporating the power of storytelling into giving presentations. One thought that has stuck with me as I’ve developed talks (and even ads and websites) since reading Resonate is that, even though you’re the one in the spotlight when you step up and give a talk, you’re not the hero, your audience is. You’re the mentor who helps and encourages your audience in their journey.

Duarte is evidently passionate about making great presentations and has given her life to this mission. She encourages us to take our seemingly little idea or passion and change our world with it. What’s your idea?

“The future isn’t a place we’re that going to go, it’s a place that you get to create.” – Nancy Duarte

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