Category: Zine

  • Paper Doll Runner

    Can you successfully balance this runner’s need for warmth and breathability in any conditions? Test your skill! Layers and layers of fun for the whole family!

  • Swix Army Ski Watch

    Congrats to the hardworking teams at Swix and Victorinox for this beautifully-crafted tool for nordic skiers. Truly everything you need to be perfectly prepared for anything. Garmin, hope you’re taking notes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I was just alerted the local trails have been freshly groomed.

  • Dear Garmin

    My Garmin watch has joined me on all but a handful of my adventures for the past 6 years, faithfully recording my pace and distance, and charting a map of where I’ve been (oh, and also telling me the time). Here are a few feature idea that would help paint a more accurate picture of…

  • Things That Count

    There’s a saying in the running world, “If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen.” While this is always a joke, I’ve noticed how it points at some truth in how it feels when an activity doesn’t get posted or acknowledged by an app or social media platform. I read this article by Maria Popova…

  • Sad Skier To-Do List

    It’s January, and there’s no snow in most of southern Manitoba. Not enough for cross-country skiing anyway. Here are some things you can do while you wait for some of the white stuff to fall.

  • Year of the Zine

    One year ago I declared 2023 my “Year of the Zine”, and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this new creative space and learning a bit about my own voice in the process. With thanks for Austin Klein for first introducing the 8-page zine to me. And thanks to YOU for reading along. More to come next…

  • Christmas Decorations for Runners

    Easy to spot the runners in our neighbourhood this time of year… Merry Christmas!

  • 25 Things Every Runner Wants for Christmas

    Here are some gift ideas for that runner on your list.

  • How to make small talk

    It’s the season of parties and festivities. Here are some tips for making the most of all your interactions with friends, family, and even those you do not know very well.

  • Blessing for the Longest Night

    At the start of one of the first Longest Night Runs, my friend Shannon sent this blessing from Jan Richardson. The following year I taped it to my garage wall where I’d return hourly during my night-long run to refuel. As I’ve flipped through the various quotes and poems around the topic of darkness this…