Category: Zine

  • How it feels

    Let’s talk about the weather…

  • Skunks are cute as buttons

    An oft-forgotten truth, particularly when your eyes are burning…

  • Wolves Don’t Want to Eat You

    Last week we went on a Wolf Howl Hike in the Whiteshell and learned a bunch of things about wolves, including how they can’t huff or puff, nor can they blow your house down. I also wrote about our experience on the same hike last year (and made a zine about it, we didn’t actually…

  • Running the Seasons

    A salute to all of Manitoba’s brave and crazy runners, who brave every season with a smile on their face. You know who you are (and your neighbours do too 😜).

  • Conjunction

    Here’s a little night sky poem.

  • Powered by Pickle Juice

    We’re tackling all the myth, legend, the magic of pickle juice in the zineternet today! Here’s a story from the 2022 Grizzly Ultra in Canmore, AB. Note: Don’t believe everything you read in zines. The author of this zine is not a medical professional, but has read some iRunFar articles (this one and this one,…

  • Owls Are Invisible

    This zine is dedicated to the memory of all the squirrels, bunnies, and mice formerly of Bush Farm, and makes a great bedtime story. Sweet dreams, kids.

  • 10 Rules

    Corita Kent’s 10 Rules, as seen in this feature by The Great Discontent caught my attention and curiosity lately. Rules with a certain cheekiness and lightheartedness, collected by a devoted nun? Love it. As outlined in TGD’s article, Corita Kent’s 10 Rules has several versions, but the most recognizable it the poster laid out by…

  • The Old Volvo

    Keen observers will notice it’s the “Year of the Zine” over here at the Manke Workshop. I’m having fun exploring the new space of combining words and pictures in a bite-size format. (Also pencil crayons are fun.) I hope you’re enjoying them too. I don’t know where this exploration is headed, but I think we’ll…

  • Meet Me at the Hill

    Here’s a little childhood story. Hope you enjoy.