Be At-Home Good

A while back I read REWORK, written by the founders of 37signals. Lately I’ve been reminded of this idea of “Be At-Home Good.” The idea is that, while a product can be bright and shiny and amazing in the store, a truly great product also is amazing once you bring it home. That’s the real test.

In my office lately we’ve been talking about 3C’s: Consistent, Connecting, Captivating. In other words, doing the basics right, connecting with your audience/clients, and being remarkable. While doing the basics right is often assumed or overlooked, they can often be the very thing that makes you remarkable.

Right after high school I started a little business doing signage and vehicle decals. I quickly realized that what would set me apart from my main competitors was pretty simple: showing up on time. If I showed up for a Wednesday job on Wednesday, I would make my clients (who had very tight schedules for vehicle repairs) very happy. Unfortunate that the bar was set so low, maybe, but it made delighting my clients a lot of fun.

Funny how often we overlook the basics, and miss out on an opportunity to be remarkable.

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